Take Back Your Yard From Pesky Mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes may be small and easy to swat, but experts agree that they are the deadliest creatures on Earth. Our climate allows for a longer mosquito season than many other areas, so it is important to be vigilant with your mosquito protection and control. Our Mosquito Control Program provides our customers with peace of mind throughout the mosquito season and beyond.

Residential Monthly Mosquito Control
Our Residential Monthly Mosquito Control service effectively eliminates mosquitoes and is safe for people and pets – while also providing you with an enjoyable mosquito and odor-free outdoor environment. How does it work?

One of our certified technicians will perform a full inspection of the exterior of your property to locate and treat the areas where mosquitoes live and breed. A mobile backpack system is used to allow them to gain access to the thickest foliage and other nooks and crannies where mosquitoes breed. A thin mist is applied to establish an effective barrier to mosquito reproduction. This barrier protects your yard, your pets and your family from aggravating and itchy mosquito bites.

First Mosquito Service Free
Sign up today and receive your first Residential Monthly Mosquito Control service FREE! This free service offer is valid when you sign up for a monthly plan through October, 2021. Offer available for new residential mosquito service customers only. This offer may not be combined with any other offers, and you must present coupon (print this page) at initial consultation.  Not valid on recurring services or treatments.